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COS&T started on August 1, 2022 and continues the work of JLG Automation.

JLG Automation has successfully built and deployed test systems

for manufacturing assembly lines over a period of more than 30 years.


Some pictures of what we do


See our creations in action

3D printed PCM project

Our entirely in-house designed & 3D printed PCM solution eliminates connector damage.

Grape harvester start-up with M-COS and T-COS

Operator starts M-COS on Laptop and via a wireless keyboard he sets markers on the graph while operating the machine. On a 2nd large screen he follows the process.

Combine inspection with P-COS

Operator checks missing pieces and enters faults after inspection of the machine or a part of the machine.

Laptop in handy case

The operator connects the cables between the laptop and the machine. The cables are conveniently stored under the plate on which the laptop is located. The case is on the steering column while changing the machine parameters.

Mobile production solution with hydraulics connected

Without disconnecting cables and hydraulics, the machine is moving to the next position in the line. The operator can continue with the tests without losing time. The laptop with the measurement device (FlexiDIN) is inside a ruggedized case inside or outside the cabin.

Collaborate with other companies

Integrating tools from other companies into our FlexiCOS software can also provide a good solution for the customer. Here is an example of collaboration with RAMI YOKOTA BV

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